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MCSE Training Kit

MCSE Boot camp, CCNA Boot Camp, CCNP Boot camp :

Your time is Valuable

You need Microsoft  MCSE, MCSD, MCSA, XP & Cisco ģ  CCNA CCNP Certification Fast

You want to successfully Complete MCSE , CCNA, CCNP Certification First Time

Join   "Vibrant Boot Camp "  

Payless to achieve MCSE, CCNA, CCNP Certification within 1 to 3 weeks
No Self Studies before  joining  Boot Camp
Payless for high quality training from Microsoft Certified Trainers 
Payless for 100 % Success

High quality, great value:

Vibrant Boot camp Advantage :

1. Pre studies not Required : 
You don't have to prepare on your own (3/6 Months) prior to join our Boot camp.

2. One to One Attention to each candidate :
We believes in CHALK TALK Training sessions. Trainer uses white board , live practical to teach subject and also imparts industry standard practices . We guarantee your satisfaction.

3. Don't be Paper MCSE, Be a REAL MCSE.
Microsoft / Cisco official courseware requires sufficient duration to understand the product and technologies. We just don't want students to clear the exams which we can guarantee within 12 days, but to understand Technologies with hands on lab so you can deliver goods after certification.  That's why we take 18 Days to complete MCSE, CCNP and MCSD Boot camps.

Is certification - and acquiring new skills quickly - your top priority?  If so, Vibrant boot camp is the perfect solution for you or your team.

  • We guarantee certification. Unequivocally.
  • It is the fastest and most practical route to certification.
  • Our first time pass-rate - 96% - is unrivalled by any other training method or training supplier.
  • The Boot Camps require 50% less time "off-the-job" than conventional training approaches - ensuring you achieve maximum results with the minimum disruption or loss of earnings.
  • Vibrant is the Longest Boot Camp provider and of course you Pay Less for that.. 


Five pillars of Web success
A Web-design formula that enables you to succeed where others have failed.

These days, itís easy to launch a Web site, but more difficult than ever to stand out in a sea of pages and grab the attention you need to achieve success. With the sophisticated, travel-weary audience to which every Web designer must appeal, a haphazard Web presence is no longer sufficient, and could even be damaging to your company.

As the Web matures as a medium, the wheat is beginning to separate from the chaff. There are more ways to fail at Web site design than to succeed. Basic Web presence is no longer enough. It is time to take your site to the next level and succeed where so many others have failed.

What does it take to be successful on the Web? There are hundreds of books describing thousands of doís, doníts and details, but they can all be summed up in these five keys to Web success:

1) Understand the Web. Do your homework. Learn about the terminology. Do not even consider Web implementation without knowing what you are doing.

2) Develop your own definition of Web success. Define success and failure in your own terms. Do not accept failure as an option.

3) Plan your site with proper emphasis on content, design and technology. Even though it is easy to waver, do not lose sight of your Web siteís basic goals and commitments.

4) Execute your plans with apppropriate people, hardware and software. Surround yourself with the right people. Quality people breed quality work.

5) Commit to an ongoing program of promotion, follow up, maintenance, evaluation and evolution.


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