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Implement, configure, manage, and troubleshoot local user accounts.

Implement, configure, manage, and troubleshoot auditing.

Security auditing is a feature of Windows 2000 that monitors various security-related events. Monitoring system events is necessary to detect intruders and to detect attempts to compromise data on the system. An example of an event that can be audited is a failed logon attempt.

The most common types of events to be audited are: Access to objects, such as files and folders Management of user and group accounts When users log on to and log off of the system In addition to auditing security-related events, Windows 2000 generates a security log and provides a way for you view the security events reported in the log. Finally, the Windows 2000 auditing feature generates an audit trail to help you keep track of all security administration events that occur on the system.

From Windows Explorer, right-click a file or folder select properties, and then click Security. Then click advanced.

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