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MCSE : Security Specialist

Implement, manage, and troubleshoot disk devices.

You must be logged on as an administrator or as a member of the Administrators group in order to install a device using the Add/Remove Hardware wizard.

Install, configure, and manage DVD and CD-ROM devices.

If the device is Plug and Play, or it is a necessary startup device like the hard disk, this detection happens automatically. However, for some older devices, after you connect it to your computer, you may have to restart your computer. Windows 2000 then attempts to detect your new device.

If the device is not Plug and Play, you may have to use the Add/Remove Hardware wizard to tell Windows 2000 what type of device you are installing. After the device is detected, or you identify the device using the Add/Remove Hardware wizard, Windows 2000 may ask you to insert the Windows 2000 CD-ROM or the manufacturer's floppy disk so it can load the proper device drivers.

After the device drivers are loaded onto your system, Windows 2000 configures the properties and settings for the device. Although you can manually configure device properties and settings, you should let Windows 2000 do it. When you manually configure properties and settings, the settings become fixed, which means Windows 2000 cannot modify them in the future if there is a problem/conflict with another device.


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